Making Our Meals

Give your dog the gift of good health!

Healthy, fresh-cooked meals for your dog

The team at Dakoda & Me passionately believe the best quality dog food begins with the very best ingredients. Just as vital is how these ingredients are combined in our meticulously created recipes – to provide maximum benefits for your furry friends. We’re proud of our products and our process – and we’re pretty sure they’ll get your pup’s woof of approval too!

Balanced and nutritious meal plans for dogs, New Zealand

Vet Approved

It's important that we get it right, so we have teamed up with NZ Vet Nutritionists to come up with recipes with just the right amount of goodness for puppies, adults, seniors and of course our pregnant and lactating dogs. With the help of these pup professionals, we have perfected our recipes and created highly palatable, perfectly balanced meals for a wide range of breeds.


Step 1

Writing Our Recipes

A lot of work goes into creating our recipes and we collaborate with NZ Vet Nutritionists to get the right mix of minerals and vitamins to suit each stage of your pup’s life. We have made sure that the meals don’t just taste good, but they are nutritionally beneficial also.
Step 2

Sourcing Our Ingredients

We source our meat and vegetables from local suppliers and only use 100% human-grade ingredients. If we wouldn’t eat it, then neither would your pup.
Step 3

Cooking Our Meals

We try to obtain the most goodness out of our ingredients by cooking them gently and separately. This means we can remove the bad bacteria, while still keeping the good stuff.
Step 4

Freeze To Keep Fresh

Once cooked and packaged we seal and freeze our meals to lock in the nutrients and make sure they stay extra fresh without having to use any nasty preservatives.

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