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Enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries combined with freshly made meals that your fur-baby will go barking mad for!.

Freshly made

Every pup is unique, so we have created four delicious recipes to have you covered. All meals are made fresh each week in our Dakoda & Me Kitchen.
Dog food deliveries just got a whole lot easier! Fur-real!

Choose your meals

By choosing a customised box tailored to your needs we can put your pup on the road to real, noticeable health benefits. Simply choose to feed Dakoda & Me once or twice daily. Want a sniff ‘n slurp test first before you subscribe? Try our sample variety pack (including all four woof-a-licious recipes)

Receive Regular Deliveries

We offer a subscription service to make it easy for you by making sure you receive regular meal deliveries to your door. Need to press pause? No worries, your plan is flexible and can be paused or cancelled at any time.

Your pups will go barking mad for our yummylicious & nutritious nom-noms.

4 fresh recipes to choose from

Pawfect Pork

Key Ingredients: NZ Pork, Pork Liver, Broccoli, Carrot, Cauliflower, Kumara, Red Lentils, Turmeric, Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

Chickin Lickin

Key Ingredients: NZ Chicken, Chicken heart, Chicken liver, Carrot, Kumara, Spinach, Brown Rice, Basil, Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

Beef Wagu

Key Ingredients: NZ Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Kidney, Broccoli, Carrot, Kumara, Spinach, Red Lentils, Sage, Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

Lamb Tastic

Key Ingredients: NZ Lamb, Lamb Heart, Lamb Liver, Carrot, Pumpkin, Spinach, Brown Rice, Rosemary, Flaxseed, Sunflower Oil, Vitamins and Minerals.

Frequently asked questions

Dakoda & Me provides fresh dog meals.  This means we gently cook all our food to make sure we eliminate any harmful bacteria that could be present while preserving the high-quality vitamins and minerals naturally found in our carefully selected ingredients.

You can feed our gently cooked meals as a complete diet and full daily meal plan, half daily meal plan, with dry topper, or as part of a diet change. 

We only use fresh whole ingredients sourced and grown right here in New Zealand.  All of our food is 100% human grade with means if we wouldn't eat it then nor would your pup.  Each recipe contains a custom nutrient dense supplement mix that includes all of the vital minerals and vitamins your pup needs in their diet every day.


We personally cook, prepare and package every order from our Commercial Kitchen south of Auckland.  This means we oversee every order before it goes out the door and are a part of the process the whole step of the way.

We freeze our food to make sure that all of the freshness and nutrients are locked in and to preserve natural goodness of our ingredients.  Your tasty recipes will arrive frozen in an insulated box, ready to be placed back into the freezer or popped into the fridge to defrost. If you forget to get your pups food out ahead of time, no worries, place it into some warm water for around 5-10 minutes.  Once the food is soft and malleable it is ready to dish up!

Yes of course!  Each of our gently cooked recipes have been developed to make sure your puppy gets everything they need to grow up strong, happy and healthy.  All of the freshly sourced meat we include in our meals is high quality protein, which is very beneficial to growing bones and muscles.  Because we use human grade ingredients our food is easy to digest and gentle on sensitive growing tummies.



Of course,  feel free to give your pup some variety.  We recommend however to stick to your pups recommended serving size per their body weight to ensure you aren't over feeding or under feeding them.

Our recipes do not contain any artificial fillers, flavours or preservatives as well as by-products or "meal" protein. We gently cook all our food to ensure maximum nutrient retention and to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria typically associated with raw ingredients been present.

You will see the health benefits a fresh food diet has to offer your furry friend.  This includes a shinier coat, clearer eyes, smaller poops, healthier skin and loads more energy  - which means plenty of walkies and play time.

When transitioning your pup to a cooked diet it is best that you allow them a few days to adjust to the new ingredients, flavours and textures.  This will give you and your pet the chance to adjust to the change.  Switching up a dogs regular diet too quickly can sometimes cause some tummy upsets which is why we recommend you slowly introduce their new food by adding it into the food they are currently being fed by increasing the amount of cooked food you give them each mealtime over the course of a few days, then it should massively reduce the risks of any tummy upsets.

We are fans of feeding twice a day, however once a day is perfectly alright if that's what you or your pup prefer.  Your feeding guide shows your pups total daily requirements so if your planning on feeding twice a day make sure to halve this amount and split it up between two mealtimes.

We require a maximum of three working days from your date of order to fulfil a delivery.  This takes into account the time it takes to prepare, package and ship your meals.

Currently we are delivering to all North Island and South Island non-rural addresses.

Yes we offer a subscription-based dog food delivery service which delivers food to your door every two weeks.  You are in full control of your account and can easily pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes.  We offer a variety box of all four recipes for your pup to try, or you can purchase individual meals of your preferred flavours.

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