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Like you, we understand that our pups are more than just pets. They’re family – which means we know that giving them the best shot at life begins with what we put on their plate. We notice a change when we follow a healthy diet made up of lots of whole foods, fresh plant, and animal protein so it only makes sense that our furry friends would feel the same.

Dakoda & Me was created to make it super simple to know what’s in our pup’s bowl and to make sure they are getting nothing but the very best we can give them. By providing freshly cooked food made with 100% human-grade ingredients, which have been specially tailored to suit your pup’s needs, you can rest assured that their chow is not only pup proof but also human proof.

Meal for dogs in New Zealand 


We only use the finest and freshest foods New Zealand has to offer and aim to make all pups feel as good on the inside as their food tastes on the outside, giving them the nutrition they need, and us the convenience and peace of mind we need.

Welcome To Dakoda & Me

Hi Puppers, Dakoda here! Like you my hoomans weren’t happy with the quality of puppy chow available for us here in NZ. With the help of my doggy expertise, they have created four fresh recipes to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. I would know, as I happen to be one of them.

Since switching to a freshly cooked diet my coat is shinier, my tummy is happier, and I have loads of energy which means lots of walkies and play time. Whether you have a sensitive tummy, are picky like me or are seeking a healthier, more balanced diet, I guarantee our tail waggin’ tasty food will pass the sniff test and be the best choice for you.

Dakoda xox


Not only do we care about what we put into our pups’ bellies, but we’re also mindful of how their food could impact the world around us.

Recyclable & Compostable Packaging

At Dakoda & Me we make it our goal to reduce our environmental footprint as much as possible. We have started by making sure all of our packaging is either recyclable or compostable to ensure we are not contributing to unnecessary waste.

Filling bellies, not landfills.

We are passionate about making sure that no food goes to waste in the making of your tasty meals. Which is why 100% of our food scraps are locally composted. This not only reduces methane emissions but nourishes other animals in the process.

New Zealand designed and made

Everything we provide is sourced, made, or designed somewhere in New Zealand, including our pawtastic packaging. This is our attempt at shopping and supporting local so we can contribute to NZ owned businesses.

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